Icing Sugar

“Flavorful Sweetness”

“Golden Coins” brand icing sugar is the ingredient for your favorite sweet dishes with the fine texture and natural sweetness that can boost up your tasty dishes to be even more flavorful. Thai Flour Industry has expanded our compatibility and efficiency into the manufacturing of icing sugar. Just like other products of ours, we put great care into the selection of raw materials and every details of our production line to ensure that our “Golden Coin” icing sugar will be of top quality, purity whiteness and so fine that it dissolves right away once tasted but giving long lasting impression and delighted sweetness.

แป้ง/ สตาร์ช/ น้าตาลผสม

Mixed Flour/Starch/Sugar

Over 4 decades of experience as one of the leading manufacturers of mixed flour, starch and sugar, trusted by many multinational institutions; Thai Flour Industry is fully capable to work hand-in-hand with our partners to develop mixed flour, starch and sugar according to the specify desires and preferences. As we have been working with many multi-cultural companies of various requirements and restrictions; we are very well aware of the practical diversity in the manufacturing processes. With our highly equipped laboratory and R&D department, we assure the quality and professionalism of our working processes and finished products. Our business partners can come to us with ready-to-manufacture formulas or we can work together for the best recipes to match the desire finished products.

  • Having flour, starch or sugar as main ingredients.

  • Premix Sugar.

  • Premix and Ready Mix Flour.

Modified Starch

Thai Flour Industry is specialized in the manufacturing and distributing various kinds of modified starch. We have our strict quality assurance team to test and ensure the quality starting from the process of raw materials selection. Our modified starch needs to best meet the needs of our customers and our consistent quality standard. Al though we have our standard modified starch formula but we also believe that in most of the cases there is no definite formula for modified starch as their performance is massive depends on which application they shall be use for. Therefore, the best way of Thai Flour Industry is to work efficiently with our partner to develop the formula for starches to be modified according to the criteria which performance needs to be enhanced and strengthened, in case our standard modified starch does not meet the needs of the customers.

Our Modified Strach Products are:

  1. Modified Rice Starch
  2. Modified Glutinous Rice Starch
  3. Modified Tapioca Starch


  • Food Industry
  • Frozen Food Industry
  • Sauce Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Etc.