Mission and Value

Thai Flour Industry’s core mission is to satisfy desires and demand of our 4Cs through our values:


  1. We are together as a family. Once you step in to Thai Flour Industry; whether as one of our team or one of our partners, we will treat you just like we treat our family members with care and goodwill. 
  2. We continuously make positive and creative differences. We are open to changes and improvements to grow and increase synergy together. We welcome suggestions and opinions in all aspects. 
  3. We believe in no boundary learning. Skills and knowledge can be enhanced wherever our people are regardless of the position or field they are in. Continuous formal and informal education are what we encourage here at Thai Flour Industry. You can always learn something new as long as you keep yourself as a half-empty glass. 
  4. We value great attitudes. With the underlining believe on having the right attitudes is half the success won; Thai Flour Industry has continuously been emphasizing and encourage our people to be best in attitudes as skills can be learnt and improved. 
  5. We operate our business ethically. At Thai Flour Industry, we hold great pride in our accountability in terms of honesty and fairness. These values can be found in every individual member of our team. 
  6. We operate our business legally. Thai Flour Industry will not carry out any activities that are against the legal rights or have misleading perception. We try to embed this value into our people too. 
  7. We are green. We strive hard to preserve the environment and the community around us. We go to the next extent to reduce, reuse and to recycle resources; together with pushing the renewable energy to be in place. 
  8. We have long vision. In order for us to grow and maintain our position in the competitive world, we need to care for our stakeholders and look for mutual benefits in the long-run. By aiming at the long-term goals; we also make sure in each every detail of our short term goals. 


To be as whom we are today, Thai Flour Industry has laid standard sets of policies in which our people need to be notified and conformed from the top management to the operation line. There are 3 main areas where we put special emphases on which are quality and safety of products, our people and our environment. The underlining values and beliefs under all Thai Flour Industry’s policies are the caring of our stakeholders just like one of our family members and this is how we adopt the concept of family business to our business activities; care for one another well-being as well as being professional in doing business. 

Quality Policy

  1. Selecting quality and food-graded raw materials according to our standards and conformed to HALAL.
  2. Continuous improvement on productivity and operation efficiency throughout the process.
  3. Well-organized and hygiene storages from raw materials to finished products.
  4. Raise awareness and continuously train our people on quality policy and its importance from the top management to the operation line.
  5. Strictly monitor every steps of the production process to ensure total quality management.
  6. Complying with product liability law for traceable products down to raw materials.
  7. Emphasizing not only on the chemical, physical and microbiological testing but also on the testing of product application. 

Human resource Policy

  1. We are together as a family.
  2. Continuously improve morale and welfare of our people.
  3. Emphasizing on individual’s skills and talents both on-the-job and as passion.
  4. Promote learning and practicing for specialized skills to create efficiency and safety at work. 

Environmental Policy

  1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  2. Integrate technology and R&D to improve environmental conservation.
  3. Our waste water system enables the utilization of methane gas for electricity generation to conserve energy and reduce green house effect.